What do I do if there is a Warrant out for my Arrest?

Problem: There are two common situations which may result in the issuance of a warrant for your immediate arrest arising out of a San Diego California DUI case.

1) You were placed on probation in a San Diego county DUI court case and you may have inadvertently failed to do everything you were ordered to do, in a timely manner.

Solution: Find the final court papers and the cover letter from your DUI attorney.

Ask yourself:

  • Did you timely report to the Assessment Unit and the Collections Unit at the San Diego courthouse?
  • If so, were you given more paperwork with more dates?
  • Did you timely file proof of anything due?
  • Did you timely file proof of enrollment in a program?
  • Did you timely file proof of completion of a program or a MADD class?
  • Did you timely pay your fine payment?
  • Did you timely report and complete any public work service program?

Bring all proof previously provided, to the court clerk’s office at the address of your final court papers in order to get your warrant recalled.

They will not require you to pay the bail amount unless there’s some other major problem (e.g. like a new case).

All they want is for you to do everything you were supposed to do, meet with the Assessment & Collections Units and file & pay everything ordered, in a timely fashion.

The clerk or Assessment Unit can sometimes recall the warrant over the counter. Usually you have to see the judge who will probably recall the warrant after you explain your common situation.

The warrant should be recalled without complication.


2) You were originally given a court arraignment date after a San Diego DUI arrest, find that paperwork with the court date. Check the spelling of your name and date of birth.

What do you do if you missed your San Diego county court date for a DUI and there is now a warrant?

Solution: Contact your DUI lawyer and provide that paperwork with the court date. Your drunk driving criminal defense lawyer can usually promptly recall the warrant. He or she will contact your San Diego county bail bondsman in order to obtain a declaration of non-collusion to ask the court to reinstate the bond.