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Chula Vista DUI Criminal Defense Attorneys Available for southern San Diego County

From border crossings at San Ysidro to Chula Vista DUI checkpoints, southern San Diego county drivers face the seriousness of having to appear in South Bay for a drunk driving case.  That’s where the right Chula Vista DUI criminal defense lawyer comes in.

It can happen to anyone.  When you least expect it.

Folks coming from Tijuana Mexico to drivers stopped in Bonita, National City, Otay Mesa, Chula Vista, finding the right DUI attorney is important.  Knowledge of the local Chula Vista court and the DMV process is essential.

Coronado Island is a great place to visit but the police there will not hesitate to arrest a person for a San Diego DUI, whether civilian or military.

Imperial Beach has lots of character.  The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department arrests people for DUI there all the time.

All these cases end up in South Bay.  The South County Division Superior Court is located at 500 Third Ave., Chula Vista, CA 91910.

The San Diego County DUI Law Center specializes in these types of situations and can provide quality representation at a reasonable attorney fee.

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