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Or, if convicted in San Diego DUI court and assigned program classes, or if DMV suspends your driving privilege, you will be required to complete a San Diego DUI program and attend San Diego DUI classes.

If you receive mail from a program suggesting you enroll in a class shortly after your San Diego DUI arrest, you are under no court or DMV obligation to enroll in a San Diego DUI alcohol program right away and not unless or until you are told to do so.

Warning: if you enroll in the wrong San Diego DUI program, you or your San Diego DUI attorney may find it difficult to change to the correct program closer to you and receive credit.

Your San Diego DUI lawyer will assist in obtaining papers showing a requirement to enroll in a San Diego DUI Program and attend San Diego DUI classes.  The program normally requires a Court Referral Form at some point.

San Diego Programs are presently online.

If you have not been convicted of San Diego DUI or suspended by California DMV, you hire San Diego DUI attorney Rick Mueller who may make a difference to try to avoid DUI classes or program.

A San Diego DUI Program has classes by one of just three licensed providers in San Diego County authorized by both the San Diego DUI Court Probation and California DMV.  These three programs are the only programs presently online that both court and DMV accepts:


San Diego State University DUI Program
9245 Sky Park Court, Suite 101
San Diego CA 92123
Phone: (858)467-6810


4660 El Cajon Blvd., Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92115
Phone: (619)597-7335
Fax:   (619) 741-8139


Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee MAAC
1355 Third Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91911
Phone: (619)409-1780

For a list of all California DUI licensed provider programs, click here: .

If your San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney obtains an order by the Court to do the DUI classes or program out of state, you must also request San Diego Court’s Assessment Unit (when you speak with SAAU or the Substance Alcohol Assessment Unit) that you be directed to do your DUI program or classes at the specific program.

Generally, if you know you have to do a San Diego DUI alcohol program, contact the program early to request an appointment for an orientation, which is required prior to enrollment. 

If convicted or suspended, California DMV typically requires proof of completion of the San Diego DUI program, payment of fees and filing of an SR-22.