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Differences between the CDLA Certified Specialist vs. self-proclaimed “San Diego DUI Attorneys”

Rick is the select Certified San Diego DUI Attorney “Specialist” of the California DUI Lawyers Association (CDLA).


A growing number of attorneys who originate from LA and other counties advertise in San Diego by setting up “satellite” offices manned by young attorneys (even though the photographed attorneys may never set foot in a San Diego courtroom or DMV hearing).

Note that before Rick’s competitors began “advertising” on Avvo– with some attorneys even paying to advertise on other attorneys’ Profiles and for “PRO” accounts which rewards by higher rankings – Rick was #1 San Diego DUI Attorney.  (Because Rick does not advertise, Avvo sometimes bumps Rick down.)

Read Why Rick is San Diego’s Specialist Attorney in DUI and DMV Law.

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Rick Mueller wins President’s Award – San Diego DUI Law Center

The California DUI Lawyers Association presented San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist Rick Mueller the President’s Award …

Rick Mueller has been named as one of the Best DUI Lawyers in San Diego

Rick Mueller has been named by Expertise as one of the best DUI lawyers in San Diego. See why most choose Rick Mueller …

Rick Mueller is known as the “Most Feared Lawyer” | DUI Attorney

Rick Mueller was recently named as one of the Best DUI Lawyers in San Diego. Now Rick has been selected as Most Feared Lawyer
Rick is known by the Bar Association as the DUI DMV Guru.  

Rick is the DUI attorney who has been the featured Speaker at many educational DUI lawyer seminars in San Diego County.  
How can you know if you found a qualified San Diego California DUI Lawyer for yourself?
Various types of lawyers handle San Diego drunk driving cases, including public defenders, general practitioners, criminal defense lawyers, and DUI Specialist attorneys.
Excellent Questions to ask when searching for a San Diego DUI lawyer are:
  •  What are his or her “DUI attorney” qualifications?
  •  Is he a Specialist member of the California DUI Lawyers Association?
  •  How long has he been a member of the National College for DUI Defense?  
  •  How long has he been handling DUI cases? 
  •  Does he teach other attorneys in San Diego how to handle DUI cases?
  •  Is he a Contributing Editor to the Bible for California DUI Defense – California Drunk Driving Law?
  •  Does he maintain a library of DUI materials, books, manuals, studies, memos, points & authorities and documents  solely designed to help a person accused of a San Diego County DUI?
  •  How much of his practice is DUI Defense?
  •  Does he actually go in the “trenches”, or is he in the Office while he sends less experienced lawyers to Court and  DMV?
  •  Is he quick and thorough when responding to emailed questions or concerns?
Rick Mueller is different from “Cheap” San Diego Lawyers:
Many “Cheap” San Diego Lawyers Mail You “DUI” Mail After Your Arrest!

US Mail Privacy Warning: 

You may be feeling a little down.  It usually gets more depressing when you see your mail.
Don’t want persons living at your home to know you were arrested?  Hurry home.   
Why?  Attorneys send “Jail Mail.”
A large number of questionable lawyers pay $ to your arresting agency for your name and address.  They solicit you with outdated, invasive, and unreliable “DUI” letters.  Like vultures, they descend on your residence within days.
Your mailbox gets filled with embarrassing words printed on the envelopes:
    “DUI”             “Drunk Driving”                     “Arrested”           “Former Prosecutor”            “Court-related “
    “DMV”           “Legal Advertisement”           “Urgent”              “Law Offices”                      “Attorney”     
If you are looking for a lawyer, you may want to read some Junk Mail.  (Coupons and rebates are enclosed in some letters.)
On the other hand, for obvious reasons, you probably want to retain the best San Diego DUI and DMV Defense Lawyer you can afford. 
Remember:  Good lawyers are not cheap.  Cheap lawyers are usually not any good.  
[Please note:  Rick does not compete with these types of lawyers.]
Bottom Line:
Before you end up hiring an affordable San Diego DUI and DMV Defense Lawyer Specialist, defending since 1983, it is smart to look closely at the credentials of a California DUI Lawyer Specialist in this highly complex field.
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