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Attorney Video of DUI Defenses in a San Diego DMV Hearing

Attacking DMV documents is a fundamental strategy for San Diego California DUI lawyers striving to save the delicate driving privileges of a client. Attorney Rick Mueller begins this “A+” DMV Video presentation by discussing this Attack, the Admissibility of documentary evidence and the lack of presumption of a lawful Arrest.

These initial DUI lawyer defenses are useful when approaching DMV and formulating a defense at the DMV hearing. California statutes, cases, and most importantly one’s San Diego DUI – related facts all play important parts in determining the outcome of one’s driving future.

Attorneys preparing for these challenging DMV administrative hearings take into account statutory and regulatory duties, law enforcement methods, breath testing techniques, possible blood issues, drunk driving checkpoint constitutionality, and creative introduction of respondent’s favorable points & authorities.

A San Diego DMV defense lawyer’s best strategy or tactic is a direct function of what the California DUI evidence shows or fails to show. That’s why attorneys almost always begin with the State’s documentary evidence. Experienced DMV lawyers usually can identify the key issues in a San Diego DUI case so that the accused stands the best possible chance of regaining his or her California driver’s license or state driving privileges.