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Going to San Diego County Jail is not something you want to do.  At The San Diego County DUI Law Center, attorney Rick Mueller makes it a priority to avoid actual custody in jail in a DUI case.

In this article, these alcohol-free ankle bracelet options are discussed:

  1. CPAC (San Diego county)
  2. SCRAM (private company)
1.  CPAC is to avoid otherwise mandatory custody of an Order to report to San Diego County Jail.
2.  SCRAM avoids custody in jail, too, and can be done in conjunction with CPAC, before or after CPAC.
SCRAM can be a condition set by the court.  A SCRAM violation could result in probation or bail being revoked.
The ankle bracelet tracks your movement via GPS.
CPAC Information
If approved, your San Diego DUI lawyer submits the San Diego CPAC HOME DETENTION APPLICATION (below) to County Parole and Alternative Custody Unit (CPAC): 
    • Application and Court Order must be submitted 14 business days or more (usually about 3 weeks) before CPAC report date.
    • You will simply need a cell phone at the residence (or hotel if coming from out-of-county) you plan on using for the ordered custody time.  A landline is not preferred by CPAC.
    • CPAC will assign a San Diego Sheriff’s Department Deputy (CPAC officer) for you.
    • 2 days need to be designated by you for successful enrollment:  (1) residence check date and (2) GPS installation/report to custody date.
    • CPAC will check your residence while you are home, as part of your easy screening process.
    • CPAC will have that Deputy contact you prior to the Central Detention Facility (San Diego County Jail) report date.
    • Follow all enrollment instructions.  The time(s) and location(s) may change, as directed by CPAC staff.
    • Your CPAC Deputy may tell you to go to the Probation Department’s 5560 OVERLAND AVENUE, SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA 92123-1204 address off Convoy in Clairemont Mesa.  On your “report date,” you may be told to be there at 6:30 a.m. You will need ample time to legally park.  You may have to wait outside for an unknown time for as long as apx. 30 minutes so bring warm clothing.
  • On the day of the GPS installation and program orientation, you will be directed by staff to go to a second location for the booking process.
  • CPAC will facilitate the taking of your photograph, live-scan prints, and completion of paperwork which may take a couple or few hours.
  • After CPAC finishes the booking process, you will meet with CPAC’s GPS provider, Sentinel Offender Services for a brief overview of the GPS device, and what to expect.  You can have any questions answered at that time.
    • CPAC Deputy will demonstrate how the Home Confinement device (GPS) works.
  • There is a GPS “sober link device” cost based on a sliding scale, usually between $7.00-$9.00/day (not including the Soberlink service below), payable to Sentinel Offender Services.
    • As far as the Soberlink device; this device is an alcohol detection device that you will need to blow into 3-4 times a day, to ensure no alcohol is being consumed. If you have no plans to leave your residence, there is the possibility he can be placed on 24 hour lockdown and the Soberlink device is not needed; eliminating the $7 a day charge. 
    • The Soberlink device takes a photo each and every time you use it, this allows CPAC to know who the actual user is.
    • Individuals who are employed are allowed time to go to and from work. CPAC’s provider (Sentinel Offender Services) is responsible for setting all schedules. The GPS has check in and out times associated with it.
    • There are times when CPAC allows 24 hour lockdown versus Soberlink, but not for the sole purpose of saving someone $7 a day.
  • The GPS  device is funded by the Sheriff’s Department since you are considered a misdemeanor offender.
If you have any CPAC questions, contact:
Email address:
San Diego County Sheriff’s Department
County Parole and Alternative Custody Unit (CPAC)
Main Phone 858-614-7650
Fax-858-505-9757 (This is the number to fax below completed Application to.)
Monday – Friday  7 am to 5 pm
CPAC Application  (click below)

SCRAM information

SCRAM is another alternative to jail after a DUI arrest in San Diego, usually associated with ensuring you remain alcohol-free. 

When ordered, you are confined to your home & work with no alcohol monitored by wearing a SCRAM device at an estimated cost of $100, plus $15 per every 24 hours.
If you  have SCRAM installed without and before any San Diego Superior Court Order, ask about the discounted daily price.
If ordered while you are employed, an employer verification letter and a court order permitting work are required by SCRAM.  
If you have to visit a doctor, your San Diego DUI lawyer needs to also ask the court for permission to do so if SCRAM is ordered by a San Diego Superior Court Judge.
Visit for information.  You can email SCRAM from that page.
Also see . 
Call (619) 237-0300 to make a downtown San Diego appointment to have SCRAM installed.
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