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Inquiry – Critical Dates

How are you doing?   I texted and/or emailed important information.
I hope you would retain me to represent you.
I have yet to receive a Reply from you since my last email or message.

I am not sure of your intent or level of interest.

As a solo practitioner who personally does everything himself to make sure it’s done correctly (unlike a “big mill” law firm with young lawyers who make the appearances), I must reserve & schedule dates in advance.

Having not heard from you, may I assume you have made other arrangements to take care of the critical court date and/or 10 day DMV deadline?

Time is of the essence as your 10 day deadline is 10 calendar days from the date of your contact/incident or the issue date of any  pink DMV temporary/order of suspension.

Please take a moment and let me know your intention. 

A failure to request a hearing at DMV by 4:55 p.m. of the 10th day at (619) 220-5300 will definitely result in a suspension of your driving privileges, as you probably know.

One big logistical problem with DMV is DMV may or may not reschedule if you schedule and later hire your attorney who then checks his calendar to discover he has a conflict with the date & time (because already scheduled on another case).  Consequently you may be stuck with another lawyer who was not your first choice.

Thank you.

Rick Mueller, Esq.
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