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Out of State Resident Can Protect License & Defend San Diego DUI arrest but a license issued by your home state (not California)?

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The Interstate Compact is a multi-state agreement between participating states to share information and reciprocate. The Compact includes San Diego DUI convictions and California license suspension actions.

If a holder of an out-of-state license or resident of one state has his or her driving privilege suspended or gets convicted of DUI in another state (California), the home state can be notified. The home state, in theory, will honor and reciprocate – take action to suspend the driver’s license unless proper & timely steps are taken within 10 days to protect that state license.

This means if you do not have a California driver’s license – and even if you do not plan to ever drive again in California – a DMV suspension of your driving privilege in California may result in a suspension of your home state driver’s license. You probably have some questions about the difference between the DUI criminal charge and the license suspension action.

You likely want to avoid, if not minimize, any driver’s license suspension action taken by the San Diego California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) against a randomly assigned index number which ultimately is to be honored by the home state.

You may prudently seek the assistance of a California DUI Defense Attorney Specialist.

Because drunk driving is illegal in all jurisdictions, understand what it is: the act of operating and/or driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs to the degree that motor skills and mental skills are impaired. The specific criminal offense is usually called driving under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs (DUI), and in some states driving while intoxicated (DWI), operating while impaired (OWI), or operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI). Many state DUI or drunk driving laws also apply to piloting aircraft or boating.

All states in the U.S. designate a per se breath or blood alcohol level as threshold for an independent criminal offense. A second criminal offense of driving “under the influence” (DUI) or “while impaired” (DWI) is also normally charged in most states, with a permissive presumption of guilt where the person’s BAC is .08% or more (units of milligrams per deciliter, representing 8 g of alcohol in 10 liters of blood). Some states (Colorado) include a lesser charge, sometimes referred to as driving while ability impaired: it applies to individuals with a .05 percent or above, but less than the .08 per se limit for the more serious charge.

The list of states, below, indicates whether a given state belongs to the Interstate Driver’s License Compact, and if so, the year they joined. Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Georgia and Michigan are all Non-compact states and should, in theory, not share DUI conviction information.

If you have any specific questions about how the Interstate Compact Act may apply in your case, you may want to contact a DUI & DMV defense lawyer specialist in your state. States vary in their respective actions. Military personnel are not exempt.


NRVC – This is a list of the Non Resident Violator Compact… A list of states that communicate with one another if you get a ticket out of your home state.
DLC – This is a list of states that belong to the Driver License Compact. An agreement between these states basically says you have only ONE drivers license record.


Alabama October 1981 Alabama 1966
Alaska Not a Member Alaska September 1986
Arizona January 1993 Arizona 1963
Arkansas January 1986 Arkansas 1969
California 1963 California 1963
Colorado January 1982 Colorado 1965
Connecticut January 1981 Connecticut January 1993
Delaware February 1979 Delaware 1964
District of Columbia August 1980 District of Columbia November 1985
Florida October 1981 Florida 1967
Georgia February 1980 Georgia Not a Member
Hawaii January 1996 Hawaii 1971
Idaho October 1992 Idaho 1963
Illinois July 1984 Illinois 1963
Indiana January 1980 Indiana 1967
Iowa November 1980 Iowa 1965
Kansas January 1983 Kansas 1965
Kentucky December 1978 Kentucky August 1996
Louisiana November 1979 Louisiana 1968
Maine January 1982 Maine 1963
Maryland July 1979 Maryland 1978
Massachusetts December 1987 Massachusetts Not a Member
Michigan Not a Member Michigan Not a Member
Minnesota October 1978 Minnesota 1990
Mississippi March 1979 Mississippi 1962
Missouri October 1980 Missouri October 1985
Montana Not a Member Montana 1963
Nebraska January 1982 Nebraska 1963
Nevada February 1990 Nevada 1961
New Hampshire January 1982 New Hampshire October 1986
New Jersey July 1983 New Jersey 1966
New Mexico January 1985 New Mexico 1963
New York June 1982 New York 1965
North Carolina September 1980 North Carolina September 1993
North Dakota July 1980 North Dakota May 1986
Ohio January 1985 Ohio October 1987
Oklahoma July 1987 Oklahoma 1967
Oregon Not a Member Oregon 1963
Pennsylvania July 1979 Pennsylvania October 1994
Rhode Island April 1986 Rhode Island January 1987
South Carolina January 1981 South Carolina August 1987
South Dakota May 1980 South Dakota November 1987
Tennessee September 1984 Tennessee ’65/’97dropped out
Texas January 1982 Texas September 1993
Utah July 1985 Utah 1965
Vermont October 1985 Vermont October 1987
Virginia July 1980 Virginia 1963
Washington October 1993 Washington 1963
West Virginia July 1978 West Virginia July 1972
Wisconsin Not a Member Wisconsin Not a Member
Wyoming July 1987 Wyoming May 1987

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