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      Certified by California DUI Lawyers Association as one of only a couple listed San Diego DUI SpecialistsRick has successfully defended drunk driving cases since 1983. Rated by clients and peers as Superb, Rick is a Top San Diego DUI Attorney. Rick writes about what to do when faced with a DUI. Known as the DMV Guru, Rick lectures other San Diego DUI Lawyers on what to do.

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            Rick Mueller, San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist is proud to announce that the San Diego County DUI Law Center has held an A+ rating from the BBB since 2010. For more information, click here.BBB A+ Rating

      Here are important things people want to know about a San Diego DUI:

      Drunk Driving Defense Attorney
      • Do I have to get a San Diego DUI / DMV Lawyer?
      • Can I afford one of the top San Diego DUI Attorneys?
      • What can a San Diego DUI Criminal Lawyer do for me?
      • How do I choose the best San Diego DUI Attorney?
      • What information does a San Diego DUI Lawyer need to review my case now?
      • Why do I want a California DUI Lawyers Association certified specialist?

      Since I cannot represent myself, can or should I get a Public Defender Lawyer for my San Diego DUI?

      San Diego DUI Lawyer fees | What to keep in mind when selecting the right DUI defense attorney.

      The reason why you need Rick Mueller, San Diego’s top DUI Lawyer, is that a DUI is a serious offense. First time misdemeanor drunk driving cases can result in a maximum jail sentence of six months.  Because this is so serious, San Diego Superior Courts are not going to allow you to represent yourself.

      You can apply for a Public Defender Attorney to represent you in your San Diego DUI Court case but you have to qualify by usually swearing you have no job and/or no assets.  Public Defender Lawyers do not handle DMV license hearings.

      Because the 10 day DMV deadline comes before Court, you simply cannot wait.  Finding the right San Diego DUI Attorney means you will be timely protecting your license.  Your San Diego DMV Lawyer should be selected before this DMV hearing is scheduled. DMV will not reschedule if there is a calendar conflict.  So let your San Diego DMV Attorney contact DMV directly to make sure to schedule a date and time which does not later present a problem.

      Reasonably-priced, premier San Diego DUI Lawyers are not hard to find.  So you will be able to afford the best San Diego DUI Attorney who can aggressively protect (A) your rights in Court and (B) your privilege to drive at DMV.  The best San Diego DUI Attorneys are specifically recognized by the California DUI Lawyers Association as “Specialists.” Unless CDLA lists the DUI Attorney as a “Specialist” he or she is not really a DUI “Specialist” regardless of what is advertised.  San Diego only has a handful of true DUI Attorney “Specialists.” Deciding which San Diego DUI Attorney is right for you is the next step.  Consider:

      • San Diego DUI AttorneyFee. You do not want to pay too much or too little for the best DUI Lawyer.
      • Credentials.
      • Ability & Experience.
      • Effective Track Record.
      • Responsiveness.
      • Dedication in quickly providing really helpful information.
      • Comfort Level and Trust in the DUI Attorney.

      The easiest & quickest way to get a Free San Diego DUI Lawyer Consultation is to complete this online form right now. See how fast you can then consider the 7 factors featured above.

      San Diego Top Rated Attorneys
  • Testimonials

    • Mr Mueller is very realistic and does not give any false hope. He always kept me informed of the situation and how he was going to protect my rights. Retaining Rick Mueller is the best way to help yourself if you are in trouble like me. He will not let you down but help you!

    • Rick Mueller is the best dui attorney out there.  Retain him and pay him, he is well worth it. The very first day I emailed him, he replied right away. Since than he became my friend in a sense.  I never met him, but became very close to him.  He is a great guy at heart.  Rick Mueller will take care of you.  He is very honest.  I promise he will not let you down.  I did not feel like I was treated like a criminal.  If you want a good result, go to Rick Mueller!  He is a very hard worker and is determined.

    • test2

      Rick Mueller does one thing for you – he fights. With his knowledge and expertise in the DUI/ DMV field, he was able to get my case completely dismissed. If you’re going to get an attorney, I can’t vouch for Rick enough.

    • test2

      If you, or a loved one, are in need of legal representation due to a DUI charge, I cannot recommend George (Rick) Mueller and the San Diego County DUI Law Center enough.

      Eric W.
    • test3

      Awesome attorney! Courteous, prompt, got back to me always within minutes. Got my cased dismissed completely!

      – Paul G.
    • test2

      Mr. Mueller is a lawyer who would try every possible way to help your case come out better.

      – Js
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