January 2017

New DUI laws 2017

San Diego drivers should familiarize themselves with new 2017 DUI and DUI-related laws which impact driving in California: Ignition Interlock Device in any vehicle owned or operated, mandatory beginning 1/1/18 and optional now.  Driver blows in IID before starting vehicle.  Vehicle will start if [...]

October 2016

September 2016

DUI Offender

Jets Sign Two-Time DUI Offender

One could say that what has happened to Austin Seferian-Jenkins is nothing short of luck, though nobody is saying if this is good luck or bad luck. Two DUI Arrests Since 2013 Seferian-Jenkins's professional road has been a rocky one —  A public spectacle littered with [...]

August 2016

Rick Mueller wins President’s Award

The California DUI Lawyers Association presented San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist Rick Mueller the President's Award at its annual meeting. The California DUI Lawyers Association Present's Award states on its plaque: "For steadfast commitment to CDLA and to Freedome, and for outstanding efforts in organizing events [...]

Blood Alcohol Concentration

Blood Alcohol Concentration

Blood alcohol concentration, also known as BAC, is the measurement of the percentage of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream. For example, at a BAC of 0.10, your blood composition is 0.1% alcohol. All fifty states have set 0.08 as the legal definition of DUI [...]

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