San Diego DUI Law Center

14 DUI arrests were made at or near the San Diego checkpoint at 4200 Mission Bay Drive near the I-5 Friday night November 16, 2012 between 11 and 3 a.m., drunk driving lawyers are told today.
The San Diego County DUI Law Center’s attorney Rick Mueller posts the locations of area roadblocks here.
One gentleman, a French and Spanish language teacher at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla apparently attempted to lawfully not go through the checkpoint in accordance with his right or option of a motorist to avoid the San Diego DUI California checkpoint.
San Diego DUI police are saying the thirty-eight year old “fled” but that remains to be litigated.
Bret Helvig drove on I-5,  exited off Clairemont Drive and was caught near Iroquois Avenue after San Diego DUI officers overracted by putting down a spike strip to pop a rear tire.  What is this, Nazi Germany?
Helvig allegedly was arrested for DUI, evading a police officer and driving on a suspended license.  15 cars were impounded as San Diego DUI Police screened 645 drivers of the 1,295 who passed through the checkpoint and 29 motorists were given drunk driving acrobatic tests.

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