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If you kill someone because you drove the wrong way on a freeway while DUI, you face fifteen years in California State Prison, at least if in Vista court San Diego DUI lawyers insist.

That is exactly what happened when one out-of-San Diego County driver of a pick-up did when he hilled a sixty year old father of 5 who was on his Harley Davidson bike at 1/2 past midnight, California DUI attorneys report.

Regardless of any confusion by onramps and offramps on the I-15, if you’re a .32% you should not be behind the wheel; you’re nearly comatose!

Brian Webb II – who had 2 prior Riverside County DUI’s 2000/2007 – pled guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter arising out if this North San Diego DUI, according to San Diego California DUI criminal defense lawyers.

4 times the legal limit is clearly drunk in California, attorneys note.


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