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North San Diego County California Highway Patrol Officer Carabajal got just 2 years in prison for fixing a traffic ticket for a woman who allegedly agreed to have sex with him.

Convicted of bribery and perjury, Carabajal stopped the dog groomer from Los Angeles County, Ms. Zarrindej. She received a ticket for speeding on San Diego’s Interstate 5.

On the day she appeared in San Diego court, Carabajal informed the judge he had not received an official notice to be in court. The judge then dismissed her speeder.
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CHP investigators wondered about Carabajal because of his past conduct toward women to whom he had written tickets and since Zarrindej had called the CHP’s Oceanside station looking for him. Followed as they left court, they met at a motel in Oceanside, San Diego County California.

Carbajal, a 26-year veteran of the CHP with numerous San Diego DUI arrests was orderd to jail by San Diego County Superior Court Judge Lisa Foster.
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