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In an interesting Friday San Diego drunk driving plea & Monday DUI sentencing, a San Diego police officer today was sentenced for driving a city vehicle drunk and into an AT & T utility box, leading to a questionable delay in the DUI investigation after contacting 4 buddies within SDPD who are now under review themselves, criminal defense attorneys report.

San Diego PD Detective J. Blackford received from Judge Fred Maguire:  5 years probation, 25 days of public work service program in lieu of jail, orders to pay a fine of $2,123, attend an alcohol program, go to MADD and not get another DUI, etc. lawyers are told.

His DUI lawyer avoided 60 days jail time by successfully getting the San Diego Judge to agree to his position rather than adopt that of the San Diego City Attorney’s Office who wanted custody.  The San Diego cop may have lost his job if he went to jail, say California lawyers.

Fairness mandates he actually have to pick up trash like everyone else & not to receive special favors.


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