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California DUI Lawyer Prosecutors contended Andrew Gallo, whose BAC level was nearly 3 times the legal limit, spent hours drinking beers and shots with his stepbrother at 3 different bars before running a red light and T-boning a car driven by Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart.

California Drunk Driving Attorney Prosecutor Susan Price argued to jurors that Gallo had been repeatedly warned by friends, family and court officials about the dangers of DUI, drunk driving & drinking and driving, but his arrogance and need to party prevented him from learning the lesson.

Gallo’s DUI criminal defense lawyer argued her client believed his stepbrother was his designated driver and only drove after his stepbrother became too intoxicated and asked him to take the wheel. By that point, Gallo was too drunk to realize the consequences of driving drunk.

The California DUI jury convicted the drunk driver of murder Monday in the death of Nick Adenhart and two of his friends. Andrew Gallo, held white rosary beads and occasionally looked up at jurors as they returned convictions on three counts of second-degree murder and counts of DUI, drunk driving, hit-and-run driving, and causing great bodily injury, with a prior California DUI conviction.

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