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4 people were arrested at last night’s Solana Beach Highway 101 San Diego DUI Checkpoint run by the Encinitas Sheriff’s Department, attorneys report.

433 vehicles that went through the DUI checkpoint.

149 were allowed through the drunk driving roadblock.
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16 went to secondary.

10 were given DUI field sobriety tests in Solana Beach.
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Also on 9-02-2011, from 8:30 PM to 1:30 AM, deputies from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department Lemon Grove Station had a DUI checkpoint around the 7900 block of Broadway.

The checkpoint was manned by 15 DUI trained, expensive sheriff deputies.

753 vehicle drivers contacted at DUI checkpoint.

0 drivers were arrested for DUI.

55 vehicles were directed into the secondary inspection area for further evaluation.

22 citations were issued for suspended/revoked or no driver’s licenses.

15 vehicles were impounded during this San Diego drunk driving checkpoint operation.
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