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The weekend in San Diego’s Gaslamp District is great fun.  When you get in your vehicle, know the best way to go in order to avoid a police drunk driving roadblock, suggest San Diego DUI lawyers.

Always avoid the popular 1500 Fifth Ave. DUI checkpoint (Friday July 11 to Saturday July 12 2014), report San Diego California DUI attorneys.

When downtown, the best and always safe approach:  Avoid 3 streets:  5th Ave., 1st Ave., and G Street.

If you find yourself on Fifth Ave. going north, legally turn off Fifth PRIOR to Ash.   This is Ash Street:

Before Ash St., turn right at A Street  – or turn before – which is before you see these “DUI Checkpoint Ahead” signs in these Google images:

Go East to 11th and catch the 163 or take Broadway west or east to your destination, avoiding G Street and 1st Avenue DUI Checkpoint Locations.

15 San Diego drivers were busted for California DUI once trapped after Ash Avenue at the best San Diego DUI checkpoint just before 11 pm through 3 am, lawyers are told.   Over 750 vehicles going north on Fifth passed through, with over 570 being “screened” for drunk driving by San Diego police officers.

Pacific Beach is another place to avoid these San Diego DUI checkpoints on weekends, attorneys recommend.

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