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6 Ways to Help Prevent a DUI

Driving late at night can be challenging. Many people have a hard time seeing objects and other traffic – and this is escalated if you’ve had a few drinks. Another consideration is that police are on high alert around bar closing time or after a local festival or sporting event.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to help avoid getting a DUI – or even pulled over and in need of some expert DUI accident attorneys.

Let’s dig right in:

• Find a designated driver – If you and your friends head out drinking, the best option is to find a designated driver (otherwise you might need to find a good accident lawyer too…). A good plan might be to switch drivers every week – so, if there are five of you, rotate who drives each week.

• Use public transportation – Check out your city’s bus system and see if they run into the night. If they do, plan your return home around the bus schedule. The bright side? It’s much cheaper than a taxi.

• Eat a big meal – Before going out to the bars or to an event where you know you may consume a lot of alcohol, eat a big meal filled with carbs. This will help absorb the alcohol you drink later on.

• Drink several glasses of water – If you do plan to drive, alternate your alcoholic drinks with water. At least 90 minutes before you head home, drink several glasses of water to help clear out your system. This will also help your chances of passing a urine test if you do get picked up.

• Drink low alcohol drinks – There are certain alcoholic beverages that have lower alcohol content than others. If you plan on driving, drink things like a low-alcohol beer, wine cooler, or a mixed drink with a small shot of alcohol.

• Alternate beer with non-alcoholic beer – If you want to enjoy a beverage with friends but don’t want them to know you’re not drinking, consider alternating your beers with non-alcoholic beer to give yourself some time to sober up between drinks.

Consider the above tips next time you head out with friends.

They can make the difference between an evening where you return home safely – or one where you spend the night in jail.

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