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Obama’s uncle got popped for DUI. He was being held without bail on an immigration detainer.

Onyango Obama faces drunk driving charges after DUI police claim he allegedly made a rolling stop through a stop sign and nearly caused a cruiser to strike his sport utility vehicle.

Obama was asked whether he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange for bail. “I think I will call the White House.

He’s originally from Kenya and is the half-brother of the president’s late father, pleaded not guilty Friday. He’s held without bail on a detainer from U.

S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In a court document, ICE said he had an earlier deportation or removal order.

His immigration status couldn’t immediately be confirmed, but such orders are generally reserved for people living in the country illegally.

An immigration detainer, used by ICE to identify people in jail or prison who could be deported, is a request to another law enforcement agency to notify ICE before releasing the person from custody so ICE can arrange to take over custody.

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