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The sex for no DUI scandal has reached a financial end.   Get ready, San Diego taxpayers.  America’s finest city will have to cough up some serious cash to pay for this bad cop.
A $675,000 settlement to a woman groped by San Diego DUI Police Officer was approved today, San Diego DUI lawyers are told today.
San Diego Police Department DUI Officer Anthony Arevalos was convicted of 8 felonies including asking for a bribe and sexual battery.
The lady maintained SDPD DRUNK DRIVING Officer Anthony Arevalos stopped her vehicle in Gaslamp October 22, 2010.  Then he touched her breasts as she sat in the car, DUI attorneys say.
He said he would let her go if she showed him her breasts and let him put his hand down her pants. She agreed.
Civil actions maintained by 2 other undisclosed ladies have similar sex for no DUI accusations against San Diego and the bad cop.
The San Diego PD DUI cop was convicted in 2011 of 8 felonies, including sexual battery and asking for a bribe.  He’s serving almost nine years in California state prison.  Wonder what kind of sexual protection this former police officer has in jail.
1 lady was stopped her as she was walking on Jan. 14, 2011. The officer said he’d seen her driving moments before. He arrested her for DUI, and as he drove her to jail, he asked her to do something sexual in order to be released. She would not. The San Diego City Attorney’s Office later dismissed criminal charges.  She did not report the incident initially, fearing Arevalos and other officers would retaliate against her. Her lawsuit against Arevalos and the city is presently still going on.

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