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A San Diego DUI can happen to almost anyone. It’s the Fourth of July. Everyone is celebrating. You are driving somewhere. Everything seems to be fine. Then you see the San Diego drunk driving police lights flashing. You are being stopped by cops.

The San Diego DUI officer asks for your license, registration & insurance. You are told to step outside. Once outside, the San Diego DUI officer asks you to perform acrobatics or gymnastics. You are told to blow into a hand-held breathalyzer. The San Diego Drunk Driving officer says he is arresting you for DUI.

You place your hands behind your back. You are put in handcuffs and seated in the backseat of a San Diego DUI police car. You go to jail or the station where you blow again or give blood and then booked on San Diego DUI charges.

What has just happened? What to do? What can happen next? Do you need a criminal defense lawyer? If so, what kind of a San Diego DUI attorney are you going to need?
The best San Diego DUI defense attorney will investigate all San Diego drunk driving arrests to ensure that the client’s legal rights were preserved and the San Diego county police officer following proper San Diego procedure.

If your San Diego DUI criminal lawyer identifies an illegal action or misconduct by the San Diego police officer, it could be grounds for San Diego DUI case dismissal.

However, if all proper San Diego procedures were followed – an unlikely event – your San Diego DUI attorney will nonetheless defend your San Diego drunk driving case to the most professional extent.

A first San Diego DUI / drunk driving offense is the best opportunity for your San Diego DUI defense lawyer to vigorously defend and to request a reduced San Diego DUI sentencing.

A premier San Diego DUI attorney will be one with over 25 years of experience and expertise in San Diego California drunk driving cases. Excellent San Diego court outcomes and satisfied clients will also be illustrative of the talent of your San Diego DUI / drunk driving criminal attorney.

On August 1, 2009, Rick will speak at the Annual DUI Seminar in connection with the American Bar Association at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

If you need to save your driver’s license or privileges, your attorney has only ten (10) calendar days to contact DMV!

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