San Diego DUI Law Center

A San Diego DUI arrest means your San Diego DUI attorney will need to properly coordinate and synchronize two separate and independent San Diego drunk driving statutory proceedings.

Because a San Diego DUI has potential San Diego California drunk driving penalties that include imprisonment, your case will be handled by a San Diego DUI defense lawyer in the San Diego criminal court system where the San Diego drunk driving prosecutors must decide what charges to press.

Your San Diego DUI attorney may face a number of San Diego DUI court appearances in an attempt to get your San Diego drunk driving charges dismissed.

A San Diego DUI attorney will further handle your San Diego DMV administrative proceedings where DMV must determine whether to suspend, revoke, or restrict your driver’s license.

If your San Diego DUI lawyer does not timely request a San Diego DUI – DMV hearing within 10 calendars days of the San Diego DUI arrest, suspension will be automatic.

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