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Absolutely Not Guilty -What you are presumed from the moment you are arrested for a San Diego DUI

Absorption Rate –The rate alcohol absorbs into the blood stream and begins to intoxicate someone before being arrested for a San Diego DUI. This can be sped up or slowed down based on personal metabolism, recent food intake, body weight, etc.

Acquittal -Finding of Not Guilty of DUI after arrested for a San Diego DUI.

Administrative Per Se (APS) License Action –The suspension of your license that may go into effect when arrested for a San Diego DUI. Your San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist will seek to avoid this suspension.

BAC –The alcohol content in a person’s bloodstream. You may not drive with a BAC above 0.08% in California. This is an abbreviation for Blood Alcohol Content, and is also sometimes called Blood Alcohol Level.

BAC Calculator –A chart created to help people estimate their BAC based on their body weight and the number of drinks consumed in a certain time period. These are not accurate, but provide an estimate of your relative intoxication.

Blood Test –A test to measure the alcohol content in a sample of your blood after arrested for a San Diego DUI.

Breath Test –A test that evaluates your BAC when arrested for a San Diego DUI. This test only estimates your blood alcohol content based on the alcohol on your breath after arrested for a San Diego DUI. This test is subject to error, overestimation and many factors.

Burnoff –The rate your body metabolizes alcohol, resulting in a lowered BAC.

DUI –Driving Under the Influence. This is a very serious crime which requires the assistance of a specialized San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer.

DUID –Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (not alcohol).

Felony DUI –A serious San Diego DUI charge that can result in prison time, huge fines and a permanent loss of your license.

Impairment –The loss of mental and physical abilities after the use of alcohol or drugs.

Implied Consent –When you get your license in California. you are required to sign a document stating that you consent to taking a chemical sobriety test when an officer requests you to do so. If you do not take this test after arrested for a San Diego DUI, your license will be suspended for one year and your refusal may be seen as an admission of guilt.

Regurgitation –Generally the act, even ever so slight, of some stomach content(s) going up into the mouth, possibly also including vomiting, burping and/or belching, combining with deep lung air. When you regurgitate before a breathalyzer test after arrested for a San Diego DUI, your result will be falsely elevated.

Sobriety Checkpoints –Police roadblocks set up to help prevent drunk drivers. In San Diego County, these can happen any weekend but are are commonly seen around holidays.

Standardized Field Sobriety Test –Three roadside tests designed to evaluate a person’s alcohol intoxication without the use of a chemical test, prior to being arrested for a San Diego DUI. These tests are inaccurate and should be refused.

Zero Tolerance –A policy preventing alcohol consumption by minors. If you are under 21 years of age and have a BAC at or above 0.01%, you can be charged and face serious license loss.

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