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Accusations of the Santa Barbara “award”-winning cop who trumped up evidence to increase DUI arrests were written by an author who was arrested for DUI by the same officer, San Diego lawyers learned today.

How will these allegations & accusations against Officer Kasi Beutel hold up?

The cop apparently won previous award(s) from Mothers Against Drunk Driving for her annual record of arrests. MADD gives out an award for cops who make the most DUI arrests. That recognition leads to possible employment rewards such as promotions and overtime.

Freelance reporter Peter Lance’s story was used this week by a California criminal defense lawyer in Santa Barbara who impeached Beutel based on the News-Press’ reporting.

More DUI defense attorney challenges will happen. After all, Beutel allegedly made more than 600 DUI / drunk driving arrests in just 2 years as the Santa Barbara Police Department’s DUI enforcement “specialist.”

The officer and her department allegedly declined to comment directly on the most serious published accusations that DUI cop Beutel allegedly intentionally misused an alcohol breath-test device to boost readings and turned in paperwork with allegedly forged signatures.

Santa Barbara police department allegedly made a statement accusing Lance of writing the “attack story” in retaliation for his own arrest, which came in the wee hours of New Year’s morning.

Beutel’s attorney claims there are explanations for all discrepancies in the News-Press paper.

The DUI opus in the News-Press was allegedly presented as a straight news story, written by someone who has a lot riding on the outcome. The author acknowledged his own arrest right up front. He reportedly blew .09%. Other people also arrested for DUI allegedly say they were treated unfairly by Beutel.

The DUI series suggests that Beutel allegedly might be trumping up DUI / drunk driving stops so she can squeeze out more overtime pay. That inference is based on statements from an expert about how much overtime cops can make, not anything specific about how much Beutel does make.

The DUI series also describes Beutel’s allegedly checkered credit history and suggests the officer might have lied about it on her job application.

It might clear up questions if Beutel made the Overtime information and application information public. Without it, Lance apparently attempted to fill the gaps with experts which spell out the potential evils arising out of DUI arrests.

Darryl Genis, a reputable California DUI defense attorney, is representing Lance who was arrested for DUI by Officer Beutel. The DUI trial may be this summer. Stand by.

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