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If you crash your car going off a road while drunk this Graduation week, thank San Diego firefighters when you’re rescued, DUI lawyers remind.  That’s one 37 year old lady’s mantra after firemen used “The Jaws of Life” to save her after an eighty foot drop.

Last night “after midnight” something dangerous happened.

Not much good happens after drinking around that time of night.  It started by hitting a parked car & guardrail before crashing 80 feet below.  Fellow citizens around Cowles Mountain Blvd and Rainswept Way in San Diego heard a car crash and called 911.

San Diego firefighters saved the day.  More than one dozen San Diego Fire rescuers first had to cut thick brush to clear a path through the canyon.  They got a rope down the 80 feet drop and tied it down.  When they reached her they put a neck brace on her and placed her on a back board.  Fortunately she suffered only minor injuries.  Her bank account’s gonna be a different story – wait until her San Diego DUI lawyer sees the Cost Recovery bill for that assistance.

San Diego DUI police charged her with drunk driving & hit and run.

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