San Diego DUI Law Center

If arrested for a San Diego DUI, your San Diego DUI lawyer may have to contend with special allegations or aggravating factors.

If proven, San Diego DUI court punishment dramatically increases.

Aggravating San Diego DUI Factors or San Diego drunk driving special allegations include:

– Causing Injury as the result of a San Diego DUI

– Being involved in a San Diego drunk driving accident

– Driving above a certain speed or driving recklessly while DUI

– Having a Prior DUI conviction within the past 10 years

– Refusing to submit to a chemical test of blood or breath if lawfully arrested

– Having a child in the car when arrested for a San Diego DUI

– Having a Blood Alcohol Level of .15% or higher BAC

If any of these San Diego DUI factors are present, you could be facing additional penalties including but not limited to significant Jail, multiple programs, higher fines, ignition interlock device installation, vehicle impound, public work service program, extended loss of license, filing of a San Diego DUI Felony, and/or other San Diego DUI punishment.

Your San Diego DUI attorney must deal with the possibility of severely increased penalties and can make the difference in what happens to you as a result of your San Diego drunk driving arrest.

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