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“Red wine is good for you.”  How many times have you heard that, San Diego California DUI lawyers ask?

“Everything in moderation.”  Most DUI arrests are not because of moderate alcohol ingestion, San Diego drunk driving criminal defense attorneys remind.

If you or your loved one drank a bit too much wine, beer or other alcohol this past weekend, see what the San Diego County DUI Law Center can do for you at this FREE DUI ONLINE EVALUATION form.

As far as red wine helping your health, according to this American Heart Association publication,

Red Wine and Cardiovascular Health

  • Ulrich Forstermann
  • :

    “…[S]trong epidemiological evidence (exists) that light-to-moderate consumption of alcoholic drinks, but neither zero nor more than moderate intake, reduces mortality from all causes and also diminishes cardiovascular risk.

    The lowest risk for coronary heart disease mortality is seen with 1-2 drinks (12.5-25 g alcohol) per day.

    Hypertension is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and there is a clear inverse relationship between light-to-moderate alcohol intake and blood pressure. Thus, the reduced cardiovascular risk associated with moderate consumption of alcoholic drinks may be due, in part, to a reduction in blood pressure. 
    The greatest blood pressure benefit seems to be obtained with one drink per day for women and with two drinks per day for men.
    In most published studies, red wine has been used as the alcoholic test beverage. 
    Red wine produces concentration-dependent vasodilator effects in subcutaneous small resistance arteries obtained from patients with essential hypertension. 
    In addition, red wine and dealcoholized red wine increase flow-mediated vasodilatation (FMD) of the brachial artery in healthy subjects.
    Intake of red wine also counteracts endothelial dysfunction produced by high fat diet in human volunteers 6, and red wine increases FMD and decreases blood pressure in adult cigarette smokers.

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