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California DUI Lawyers Association Specialist = The Best San Diego DUI Attorney

A San Diego DUI charge is a serious California misdemeanor.  San Diego judges will not allow you to represent yourself alone.  That means you must retain a San Diego DUI attorney to represent you in court.

You should also hire a San Diego DUI / DMV Lawyer for DMV as it is not a good idea to try to handle the administrative license hearing on your own.  Remember, you only have ten calendar days to get this done. A CDLA Specialist properly handles both the DUI in court and the driving privileges action at DMV.

San Diego DMV’s deadline to request a hearing is absolute.  To preserve your driving privileges, your DMV attorney has only ten (10) calendar days to contact DMV in San Diego!

When you take the time to research San Diego DUI attorneys, it’s best to start with the California DUI Lawyers Association’s recognized “Specialist.”  Here’s the actual CDLA listing of San Diego County DUI Law Center’s Rick Mueller, who is deemed the rare, recognized “Specialist” by CDLA (California DUI Lawyers Association).

You can speak to San Diego DUI lawyers or research online to discover most everything you need to know about the whole San Diego  DUI & DMV defense proceedings. San Diego DUI prosecuting attorneys and careless DUI police in San Diego county prefer you just to somehow plead guilty.  San Diego’s DUI Attorney Specialist actually cares. 

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How do you start your search for the best DUI Attorney Specialist in San Diego?  Are you going to rely on Television or TV ads?  Sponsored Google and Ads can be done by any lawyer who wishes to pay to be at the top.

So many so-called San Diego DUI lawyers suggest they are the best.   Yet, the California DUI Lawyers Association recognizes just a few select “Specialists.”

Online reviews are a wise starting point.  See here to see actual reviews of San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist who is the best reviewed exclusively DUI Attorney with the most 5 star Superb reviews.

How did the San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist do “in the trenches” for actual clients?

What about San Diego DUI attorneys who speak as lecturers for other lawyers hoping to learn how to defend cases?  Or San Diego DUI lawyers who write Articles about the ins and outs of DUI cases in California?

If arrested for a San Diego DUI, emailing a drunk driving defense attorney is smart. Get information. Retain the one you are comfortable with. Ignoring the existence of free San Diego DUI attorney consultations is a a bigger mistake than not retaining a California DUI Lawyers Association “Specialist.”

Arrested for Driving Under the Influence is different from a DUI conviction and does not automatically mean you will be convicted in San Diego DUI court or lose your driving privileges at DMV.  Obviously, a San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist recognized by CDLA will make a difference in your DUI and DMV cases.

Unlike public defender attorneys who cannot even be applied for unless unemployed without assets and who do not handle DMV hearings, the Certified Specialist DUI Lawyer in San Diego devotes the necessary energy and experience to properly assist with defending these actions.  The CDLA DUI Attorney Specialist is trained and skilled at obtaining the most favorable result for you in both court and with your driving privileges.

A San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist working for you is the preferable option.  Even if you could do it yourself – and that would be extremely unlikely, and reasonably unwise, if not impossible – do you really want to try?!  Could you count on yourself to not make a critical mistake?  Would you want to risk it?  Most mistakes cannot be later fixed by even the best San Diego DUI attorney.

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