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The $100,000 or $200,000 San Diego DUI mistake?  So you like to drive fast on Harbor Drive, on Harbor Island, attorneys ask??  

What happens when you lose control and go over the curb at Island Prime Restaurant, then flip over the landing into the parking lot, slamming into 7 cars including a limo, San Diego DUI lawyers wonder?  Check out this video showing a trail of destruction.

How do you explain this California Felony DUI to San Diego drunk driving police as you’re handcuffed and taken to Hospital with your female passenger to be treated for injuries, criminal defense attorneys inquire?

Hopefully your insurance coverage is the maximum and your premiums are current because your wallet is going to get much lighter.   A war chest would help.   This is a stormy night followed by lots of rainy days.

Here’s tips on getting cheap insurance.

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