San Diego DUI Law Center

DUI criminal defense lawyers in San Diego know that a not guilty plea must be entered at San Diego Superior Court arraignment so discovery can commence and the facts of the case can be examined. Only then can an attorney determine what the best and appropriate defense strategy or tactic is.

Proven defense attorney approaches are used in San Diego to effectively handle a DUI case in court.
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Reasons to contest a drunk driving charge in San Diego court later become apparent to the lawyer.

A number of folks inadvertently believe a San Diego DUI arrest results in one’s license being suspended without hope and/or results in an automatic court conviction. Incorrect. The 3 California DUI Attorney Specialists in San Diego County often prevail at both court and DMV.

So it is possible to win both at the San Diego DMV and San Diego Superior court? Yes. DUI defense cases are extremely complex.
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That is why there are constantly seminars throughout the year for lawyers to attend and learn how to do.
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A top San Diego California DUI criminal defense lawyer will approach both DMV and Court with a vigorous tactic.

Visit this current list of articles published by San Diego County DUI Law Center, for illustrations.

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