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California drivers who were not able to renew licenses prior to expiration due to a snafus with the new license format will get temporary licenses for 90 days.

250,000 California drivers, including in San Diego, did not get their high technology cards in time since Oct. 1. Many have waited months for them to be processed.

California estimates the backlog is now down to 5,000 but acknowledges that it may be April 1 before everyone has a permanent license.

Temporary licenses were previously valid for 60 days and were issued only in DMV field offices.

Anyone renewing a license online, by mail or in person will now get a temporary license good for three months.

The new cards come equipped with fancy features to protect them against fraud, tampering and counterfeiting.

DMV Director George Valverde says they’re among the most secure identification documents in the U.S., attorneys are told.

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