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When arrested for a San Diego DUI by the California Highway Patrol, the DUI officer is supposed to issue you a pink Temporary Driver’s License, attorneys say. What happens when the San Diego DUI cop is dirty and you do not know the San Diego DUI officer is connected to a DMV hearing officer who accepts bribes, lawyers wonder?

That San Diego California Highway Patrol DUI officer caught up in a bribery scheme and federal investigation is Carlos Ravelo, who has worked thirteen years arresting drivers for DUI. Now he is charged with “unlawful transfer of document or authentication feature” for issuing 2 folks unauthorized temporary driver’s licensed on September 25, 2013 and January 7, 2014. He allegedly assisted those 2 drivers keep their licenses by knowing that such documents and features were produced without lawful authority.

San Diego DUI lawyers are waiting for the underlying facts relating to the issuances. Ravelo pled not guilty and was released pending trial. A court document connects him to a California DMV Hearing Officer who took money, gift certificates and designer handbags in exchange for assisting drivers to keep their licenses. Part of the activity related to DUI arrest reports designed to go from the police to the California DMV prior to entry in the DMV data system. Six unnamed attorneys, six of their staff members and various drivers were also allegedly involved in a $5,000+ scheme between 2005 and 2014.

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