Before this Poway San Diego DUI checkpoint happened, the San Diego County DUI Law Center warned about it on this blog and at checkpoint page.

Friday night at Poway Road & Sabre Springs Parkway was a San Diego California DUI checkpoint, lawyers report.

DUI attorney are told 3 arrests were made at the drunk driving & license checkpoint for San Diego DUI. The driver in one of those arrests was suspected of being under the influence of marijuana.

3 people were arrested on drug-possession charges, including one for concentrated cannabis, one for marijuana and one for unspecified narcotics, attorneys are told. 3 drivers were arrested for driving with a suspended or revoked license.

9 vehicles were towed at Friday’s New Year’s eve eve drybj driving checkpoint, 5 of those because the driver’s license was suspended or revoked, 2 because the drivers were arrested, one because of an unlicensed driver and one because the driver fled from his vehicle just after entering the checkpoint in San Diego county.

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