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San Diego County DUI cops, in Escondido at one of their famous checkpoints, will face the consequences of actually breaking a driver’s side window when 2 men failed to obey a cop’s requests to produce a license at a California DUI checkpoint at Juniper Street and Valley Parkway, attorneys are told.

The location of this checkpoint was previously posted at the warning site of San Diego County DUI Law Center.

Driver Daniel Alfaro was told to give the cop a license. There was allegedly “no attempt of any sort” to provide. Doors were locked and the windows weren’t lowered more than an inch.

As an unnecessary intrusion, this San Diego county roadblock was a waste of money. No DUI arrests were made. Neither Alfaro nor passenger Angel Navarrete were DUI and the driver’s license was valid!

It was reported Alfaro may have had a video camera with him at the checkpoint Friday. Cops claim force was limited and used only after a warning was given. The two men caused the closure of the checkpoint for several minutes.

Both men were arrested for obstructing the performance of an officer’s duty.

One driver abruptly turned after passing the protesters. He was pulled over for a vehicle code violation. Another went past a road closed sign after seeing the protesters and was stopped by police.

Protesters near the checkpoint Friday told drivers of the checkpoint ahead.

Protesters have said previously that the checkpoints disproportionately affect illegal immigrants, most of whom are Latino, who are barred by state law to obtain licenses.

Out of the 1,637 vehicles that were screened, 45 were sent to a secondary screening. It was not a complete waste of time for all these cops as one motorist elsewhere was arrested for DUI by a roving San Diego county cop. Maybe the word is getting out on how to avoid these checkpoints!

At a San Diego California DUI checkpoint in Escondido, an activist gave educational materials to drivers in the secondary screening areas regarding individual rights at checkpoints.

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