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California Drunk Driving Law’s publisher just announced today that the March 2011 Supplement is ready. The team of DUI criminal defense attorney experts have made extensive updates and improvements, including:

1) Creative DUI Lawyer Defenses

Hundreds of decision-based arguments bring real leverage to attorney’s DUI plea bargaining, drunk driving trials and DMV proceedings.

2) Heavily supported DUI attorney motions

Crafted, tested and polished by top DUI attorneys, practice-proven documents to substantially raise the level of San Diego DUI lawyers’ advocacy.

3) Answers and Solutions to DUI issues

95% of DUI questions that arise in day to day practice are addressed. References are provided for the other 5% lawyers need.

4) New materials added or entirely new sections

Additional Charges beyond the DUI
Arraignment, Demurrer, Plea and Pretrial
Search and Seizure
Trial Defense of DUI in California and San Diego
Drunk Driving Offenses
DMV Proceedings
Appeals and Writs

Can’t beat this for only $99 plus shipping & tax!!

Note: Author of this San Diego DUI Lawyer Center blog is an Editorial Consultant.

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