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A California man faces life in prison for a California DUI because of his prior California DUI convictions.

Marcus M. Aubry was pulled over on Interstate 15 in 2006 and arrested for California DUI after going around 100 mph.
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According to San Diego California DUI attorneys, as a first San Diego California DUI offense, the crime is usually charged as a misdemeanor and carries a 30-day county jail sentence.

Aubry faces life in prison because of a 1991 conviction of manslaughter, in which three people were killed in an accident caused by Aubry while he was California DUI.
Aubry served a 14-year�prison term as a result of the California DUI conviction, but in 2006 was arrested again for allegedly California DUI.

California DUI attorney prosecutor told the jury that Aubry registered a .14 on the breathalyzer test, almost twice the legal limit.
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She told the California DUI jury Tuesday that she was confident after hearing all of the evidence, they would return of verdict of guilty of California DUI.

The California DUI criminal defense attorney encouraged the jury to pay close attention to all the evidence and not try to piece together a conclusion until all the evidence has been heard.

“He smelled alcohol, then he jumped to a conclusion that Mr. Aubry was under the influence,” his California DUI lawyer said of the arresting California Highway Patrol Officer.
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“Everything he did after that was to support the conclusion he had already come to.”

His California DUI lawyer told the California DUI jury that they should reach the conclusion after hearing all the evidence, that the people had not met their burden of proof.

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