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Is it fair & reasonable for San Diego’s California DMV Office of Driver Safety to begin an administrative per se DUI hearing weeks or months after the driver’s lawyer scheduled the date, admitting the State is not ready because DMV’s preparation was minimal or limited before the hearing?

Is it fair and reasonable for San Diego DMV to begin a hearing with the driver’s attorney present, then discover DMV’s APS case is weak or the Hearing Officer seeks more time to prepare so a continuance is requested?

Is it reasonable or fair for a San Diego DMV hearing officer to hear a driver’s attorney’s evidence and subsequently announce DMV will continue (giving it more time to prepare) so it can have a better chance at suspending one’s license?

At what point should San Diego California’s DMV Office of Driver Safety and Department of Licensing have to follow the laws & rules regarding continuances?

Read about this in San Diego County DUI Law Center’s new article on DMV continuances.

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