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Celebrate a Fun-Filled Halloween

Celebrating Halloween should be a fun event for all ages. Whether that means dressing up in elaborate costumes, trick-or-treating, or gathering with friends and family for a festive party. However, sadly, those celebrations often involve alcohol and drunk driving, which can quickly cause fun to become frightening.

Statistics indicate that Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights to be on or near the road, with drunk drivers responsible for more than 40% of vehicle fatalities and 14% of pedestrian deaths in a single night.

Celebrate Safely

There are an array of options for having fun without getting a buzz, but if you do plan to drink, refrain from getting behind the wheel.

Consider these tips:

  • Do not drive, if you consume any alcohol (or any other substance that constitutes a DUI). Even a single alcoholic drink is too intoxicating for some drivers.
  • Assign a designated driver, who is 100% sober, to chauffeur you and/or your group.
  • Call a taxi, Uber, or Lyft to get home safely.
  • If you choose to drive, limit yourself to only one or two small drinks, consumed over the course of several hours.
  • Maintain a watchful eye for other cars on the road, as well as pedestrians.
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  • If you suspect a motorist is intoxicated, contact authorities.
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Drinking impairs motor skills, response time, and decision making, and if you are under the influence, a bad decision could change your life (or someone else’s) forever.

Use Extra Caution

This year, if you or your loved ones will be out on Halloween, stay safe and help keep all the little goblins and superheroes safe, too.

  • Educate your children on the importance of watching out for cars and remaining on the sidewalks and designated crosswalks.
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  • When walking on roads, remain on the side of oncoming traffic while staying a safe distance from moving vehicles.
  • Remain attentive when crossing driveways or walking near parked vehicles.

Halloween, like all other holidays, should be a time for making great memories. Stay diligent and make good choices. Calling a DUI lawyer is the last thing you want to do this weekend.

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