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San Diego’s DUI & DMV online attorney service consultation reports Charger Star has pled to two one pointers as a result of initial San Diego DUI investigation and reckless driving charge.

Williams will plead guilty tomorrow to two traffic infractions as part of a plea deal stemming from his San Diego DUI arrest Feb. 1, his San Diego criminal defense attorney said. Williams was arrested on suspicion of San Diego drunk driving at 1:30 that morning on state Route 94 east of downtown. But the San Diego City Attorney’s office said it only would charge him with San Diego misdemeanor reckless driving after his blood-alcohol content showed 0.07 percent, just under the state limit of 0.08.
To resolve the San Diego case, Williams, 32, will plead to a lane-change violation and speeding. He will be required to take an eight-hour traffic safety class and pay around $300, said his criminal defense lawyer Turner.

A spokeswoman for the San Diego city attorney said last week they didn’t believe they could prove a DUI charge beyond a reasonable doubt. Williams’ blood was drawn well after the San Diego arrest.
San Diego DUI & drunk driving in general is the most common cause for arrests of active NFL players since January 2000. Of at least 452 NFL player arrests since then, 128 are related to DUI or drunk driving. Visit

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