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San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyers at www. and San Diego Drunk Driving criminal defense attorneys at warn San Diego drivers going to Riverside county this weekend:

The Palm Desert Police Department is set to begin a year-long anti-DUI program aimed at preventing deaths and injuries on our roadways. New enforcement measures to combat impaired driving are coming as a result of a recent $111,706.00 grant awarded by the Office of Traffic Safety to the City of Palm Desert.

The grant activities will specifically target impaired driving offenders as well as educate the public on the dangers of impaired driving. This will be done through the use of DUI/driver’s license checkpoints, warrant searches and stakeouts for repeat DUI offenders, saturation patrols, and court stings where DUI offenders with suspended or revoked driver licenses get behind the wheel after leaving court.

The first of several DUI saturation patrols will be conducted on Saturday, November 22nd. The Palm Desert Police Department takes a zero tolerance stance regarding persons driving while impaired as well as unlicensed drivers.

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