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San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyers often hear stories about collusion. Whether or not they’re true often depends. Drunk Driving attorneys must push for the truth.

In a recent DUI case in today’s San Diego news, police officers allegedly colluded with private investigators and falsely stopped a San Diego man on suspicion of drunk driving two years ago so his wife could use the DUI arrest against him in a child-custody battle, according to a federal lawsuit filed on August 11.

The fifty year-old man, Mr. John Steel IV, a diabetic, also alleges that a police officer refused to provide him urgent medical care when his diabetes flared up during the San Diego DUI arrest.

San Diego police Sgt. McCollough allegedly asked San Diego DUI Officer Ninness to leave Pacific Beach and meet private investigators in La Jolla about a possible drunk driver. According to the lawsuit, the San Diego DUI Police Officer was told to remain while waiting for the plaintiff to exit the bar. Ninness purportedly stopped Steel near his home, saying Steel failed to completely stop at an intersection.

While Ninness allegedly conducted San Diego DUI field sobriety tests on the gentleman, several times he indicated he was having diabetic problems.

He requested to be taken to a hospital or fire station, per the federal complaint. Mr. Steel was ultimately taken to an emergency room too many hours after those requests, allegedly causing damage to his health. A nurse at San Diego County Jail had noticed his blood-glucose levels were 4 to 5 times normal.

The lawsuit alleges liability against co-defendant Confidential Research Co., a private investigation company apparently representing Steel’s wife in a divorce and custody battle.

The two San Diego police / DUI officer(s) retired. Mr. Steel filed a claim against the city eighteen months ago. 3 weeks later, the San Diego DUI Attorney Prosecutor filed San Diego DUI charges. San Diego has since rejected the plaintiff’s claim. His San Diego DUI case is pending. His California DUI criminal defense attorney has requested a trial.

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