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Comic Con hits San Diego with a bang!  San Diego’s Gaslamp District’s 5th Avenue will best amuse participants and Comic Con peek-a-boos.  But stay parked as there are three possible San Diego DUI Checkpoint locations, San Diego lawyers warn:  5th Ave., 1st Ave., and G Street.

Understand best way to go in order to avoid a San Diego Police Department DUI checkpoint, warn San Diego DUI lawyers.

If you have to drive, upon leaving downtown, the best approach:  Avoid 3 streets:  5th Ave., 1st Ave., and G Street.

From the heart of the Gaslamp, Com Con visitors should check your GPS or Google Maps for streets to use for your exit.  Make sure yo do not run into a situation where you are forced to turn one way or another because of one of the many one-way streets.

Eastbound E Street to 11th Avenue looks like one of the best possible routes to catch the 163 north.  From the 163 you can catch the 805 or the 8.

Driving along the harbor northwest is another good direction to go.  Broadway will take you turn there.

Stay Away from 5th.  500 Fifth Ave. DUI checkpoint (See e.g. Friday to Saturday a couple weeks ago), warn San Diego California DUI attorneys.

Legally turn off Fifth PRIOR to Ash.   Prior to Ash St., turn BEFORE A Street  which is before you see these “DUI Checkpoint Ahead” signs in these Google images:

You must avoiding 5th, G Street and 1st Avenue DUI Checkpoint Locations, the only 3 locations recently used by San Diego Police Department.

Pacific Beach is another place to avoid these San Diego DUI checkpoints on Com Con weekend, attorneys suggest.

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