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A San Diego DUI can mean serious punishments but the San Diego County DUI Law Center is a place that provides a guide to those who have been arrested and face possible criminal charges for San Diego County drunk driving offences.

The San Diego County DUI Law Center source at helps with many different aspects of your San Diego County DUI case.

San Diego County DUI Law Center’s Defense Attorney Rick Mueller can be asked:

Are all San Diego County DUI Field Sobriety tests (FST’s) reliable?

Can a San Diego County Drunk Driving charge be reduced to reckless driving or something else?

How can I find the best San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney?

What San Diego County DUI crimes might the CA or DA charge?

How can I prevent suspension of my driver’s license?

If you are arrested for a San Diego County driving under the influence, do not panic or do anything that can further contribute to your case because a San Diego County DUI arrest is only an arrest and not a San Diego County DUI conviction.

If you are charged with DUI in San Diego you will be facing San Diego California DUI vehicle codes: driving under the influence and having an alcohol level of 0.8 or higher, and other possible enhancements & related San Diego County charges.

San Diego County DUI or drunk driving charges can be more serious if someone other than the driver driving under the influence were to be harmed or killed there could be serious consequences.

San Diego County DUI penalties include going to local jail or state prison, along with mandatory attendance at a San Diego County drinking driver program, loss of license, vehicle impound, ignition interlock, public work service, volunteer work, trash detail, and others.

An investigative strategy your San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney at can uses includes obtaining the San Diego County DUI police report.

A possible defense against a San Diego DUI charge is to obtain the San Diego County drunk driving arrest report, the DMV DS 367 and the actual San Diego County chemical test results. They contain relevant information about the San Diego County DUI charges against you. It is not a good idea to discuss the case with anyone except a competent San Diego County drunk driving criminal defense lawyer.

San Diego County DUI Blood alcohol tests are part of the more important facets of a San Diego County drunken driving case as these levels can vary between men and women. If you are not very careful in choosing the right San Diego County DUI criminal defense lawyer, you might just get convicted when you are actually innocent.

Get a San Diego County criminal defense lawyer who specializes in the fields of San Diego California DMV actions because many San Diego County drunk driving lawyers do not actually know how to win San Diego County DUI cases.

A San Diego DUI can be a serious offense but with the right guide and the proper defense you could be proved innocent. For more information to avoid a San Diego County driving under the influence charge, contact a an Diego DUI / Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Lawyer Specialist Evaluation at for your best San Diego DUI defense attorney strategy and to vigorously protect your important driver’s license.

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