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Criminal defense lawyers ask will the day come when vehicles in San Diego California will not start if a driver’s blood alcohol level is over the legal DUI – Drunk Driving Limit?

Get this. Vehicles may possibly be able to detect through a San Diego driver’s skin whether he or she is DUI or drunk, and prevent the engine from starting.

New York Democratic United States Senator Charles Schumer (not pronounced shoe manure) is promoting a bill that would fund research of alcohol detection devices that could make such a somewhat speculative and unreliable scenario possible.

Rather than prosecute drunk driving after the act, this senator was to try to prevent a DUI from happening…not that he has any idea of whether or not a person’s ability to drive is actually affected and whether or not many other things like lotion or soap could activate the inaccurate gadget, according to San Diego DUI criminal defense attorneys specializing in drunk driving cases in California.

Overzealously billed the “ROADS SAFE Act of 2010” Senate bill 3039 smells badly as it wants to spend some big bucks vis a vis the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to the expensive tune of $60 million over five years to figure out whether it’s even possible to make an alcohol-detecting ignition lock that is both reliable and affordable.

The stinky & suspicious anti-DUI idea suggests sensors that can detect blood alcohol content could be placed on steering wheels and driver’s seats.

What?! People will just buy driving gloves and seat covers!!! Technology is in use in the alcohol sensor bracelet, jewelry now worn, for example, by the likes of Ms. High Profile Lindsay Lohan.

Theoretically, the gadget detects through sweat that is always coming out of your pores, even when you can’t feel it, the legal limit of alcohol. Right. Sure.

San Diego California DUI attorneys point out the new breathalyzer ignition interlock system already requires Californians convicted of DUI / Drunk Driving to do the same thing.

Obviously before unnecessary money is spent, these “proposers” should look at cheaper options already in place before doing research into whether or not such a DUI / DWI gadget is plausible.

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