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When attacking a San Diego California DUI officer’s reason for detaining you, a premier San Diego DUI Attorney will aggressively look at whether the basis for the detention was lawful or unlawful.

An experienced San Diego Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Lawyer knows there are legal cases – for and against the San Diego DUI driver – relating to key San Diego drunk driving probable cause issues of a) weaving, b) driving too slowly, c) equipment violations, d) squealing tires, e) tipsters, f) San Diego DUI checkpoints/roadblocks and g) many California statutes which may or may not have been violated.

San Diego DUI criminal defense attorneys stress any unreasonableness of the officer’s detention.

Traffic code statutes are often surprisingly complicated and must be carefully examined by San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyers in each case.

For the answer to a specific San Diego DUI detention issue, contact a San Diego DUI Attorney at .

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