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Vincent Jackson’s agents have “the parameters of a deal” in place with at least one team and have “outlined deals” with other teams.

Despite his 2 previous San Diego DUI convictions, the San Diego Union-Tribune confirms Minnesota is the most aggressive pursuer and the team most likely to pull the trigger on Smith’s trade demands.

The San Diego Chargers are allegedly holding up the process, having “yet to find a deal to their liking.”

This is hardly a surprise. GM A.J. Smith holds strong leverage here, and he’s never been shy about wielding it.

A number of interesting twits and internet reports say a deal was already in the works, but NFL insiders have not been able to confirm any of them.

Both the Star-Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer-Press speculate that the Chargers’ asking price is holding up a deal. Jackson must be traded by 4:00 p.m. Wednesday to be eligible to play in the fifth game of the season.

Vikings Percy Harvin’s hip is “pretty black and blue right now.” “Adding fuel” to the Vincent Jackson trade rumors fire.

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