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suggests the following form to be faxed to San Diego DMV at (858)627-3925 following a San Diego DUI arrest (in the event you have not yet retained a San Diego DUI lawyer):


To DMV, San Diego:

I was arrested for suspicion of DUI in San Diego County, have yet to retain the services of a San Diego DUI attorney, and I am requesting an Administrative
review of my San Diego county DUI arrest prior to the Department of Motor Vehicles taking any action
against my license.

I am making this request within ten (10) days of my San Diego DUI arrest; therefore I am entitled to a stay of suspension pending the outcome of this request, APS
hearing and decision. If the Department is unable to schedule the hearing
within 30 days of my request, I additionally request that you send me a
temporary license and proof that a stay is in place for my driving privilege.

Further, I am requesting that the Department of Motor Vehicles send any and all
documents that it plans to use in its case in chief, including any subpoenas
that may be issued for supplemental testimony in my case.


Street Address:

City State Zip Code

Date of Arrest:______________________________________

Arresting Agency:______________________________________

Officer Name and Badge Number

Type of Test Administered

Driver License Number Driver License State


San Diego DUI lawyers recommend you retain a San Diego DUI attorney in order to make this request. The form for a San Diego DMV hearing is made available in case you are unable to retain a San Diego DUI attorney prior to the 10 day San Diego DMV deadline. has more info.

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