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DMV hearings challenge lawyers. The strangest San Diego DMV rules, weird San Diego DMV laws and oddball San Diego DMV procedures exist.

A San Diego DMV hearing is unfair. The presiding officer legally objects to the driver’s evidence, rules on her or his own objection, dually engages San Diego DUI attorneys, and pretty much does whatever is expedient.

The San Diego Driver Safety Officer starts with the “DS 367.”

There’s no Fifth Amendment right at the hearing, so San Diego DUI lawyers regularly do not want you to be present at the hearing since the Driver Safety Officer can call you as a witness and force you to testify against yourself if you foolishly appear.
The San Diego DMV Driver Safety Officer’s decision is unpredictably mailed whenever.

Your San Diego DUI / DMV lawyer has just 10 CALENDAR DAYS after the DUI arrest to call the San Diego DMV Driver Safety Office to timely demand a hearing. You waive your right to a hearing after the 10 day deadline is up.

San Diego Driver Safety Office is located at 9174 Sky Park Avenue, Suite 200, San Diego (858 627-3901 or fax 858 627-3925).

Your San Diego DUI / DMV lawyer will request a Notice of Stay of the 30-day temporary license until a San Diego DMV hearing is provided and a San Diego DMV decision is actually rendered.

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