San Diego DUI Law Center

Does it seem there is a bottomless pit of money to go after folks accused of a DUI in San Diego?

Ever see those signs on San Diego roads suggesting drivers to report other drivers they “suspect” of drunk driving?

Graduation month brings out special DUI cops who try to ruin parties and go after underage drinkers.

People who aren’t even driving sometimes get arrested for a San Diego DUI charge.

Get in a DUI accident? You’re toast in San Diego.

San Diego DUI cops have numerous checkpoints and roadblocks but must follow strict California Supreme Court standards.

The San Diego Police Department employs a specialized DUI Task force, or DUI squad, who work closely with MADD to make more DUI arrests than any other city in California.

The San Diego Police DUI Task Force is purportedly trained to look for certain DUI patterns and behaviors associated with drunk driving.

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