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Preliminary comparative Labor Day weekend DUI statistics, for the first day and a half, in California and San Diego have been partially released to attorneys.

1008 CHP DUI arrests in 2011.
990 CHP DUI arrests in 2010.

10 died in alcohol-related incidents in 2011.
6 in 2010.

San Diego had 58 DUI arrests in 2011.
49 San Diego DUI arrests for the same time in 2010.

DUI arrests by CHP officers and the fatality statistics are for all police departments. Fatality reports are delayed by local DUI police agencies to CHP.

San Diego’s DUI checkpoints had very few arrests, lots of free donuts & coffee and an unlimited amount of federal funding.

0 DUI arrests at Friday night’s Lemon Grove DUI checkpoint.

Just 3 DUI arrests at Imperial Beach’s drunk driving checkpoint.

Just 2 San Diego county DUI arrests in La Mesa.

San Diego DUI lawyers are waiting for the city of San Diego to release their information. In the meantime, this free attorney DUI checkpoint location site is offered for the San Diego county public.

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